7 Sports That Are Ideal For Seniors

Published on 02/23/2023

Seniors are well advised to maintain or improve their fitness even in old age. Sport not only keeps older people fit and flexible, but also improves their health. In addition, sport offers an excellent platform for older people to get in touch with other seniors. Here are a few tips on which sports are best for seniors. Of course, the intensity of sport should be adapted to the physical condition with age. Instead of great effort, careful training is on the agenda. This is easily enough to keep you physically and mentally fit even in old age. But if you have not yet found the perfect and right sport for older people, you should take a look at our recommendation. Maybe the right inspiration is there.

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7 Sports That Are Ideal For Seniors

Nordic walking

The endurance sport with the sticks at a faster walking pace is ideal for older people to train the entire body and the cardiovascular system. Nordic Walking is very gentle and numerous sports courses are offered. But of course you can also practice Nordic Walking individually. Provided you have the correct technique with the sticks.


If you like it a little slower, you can hike in old age. Hiking is a very popular sport that improves stamina and guarantees a long stay in the fresh air.

To go biking

If walking is very difficult due to knee or hip problems, cycling is an ideal alternative for seniors. Cycling trains your legs in particular. An advantage for everyday life, because it makes climbing stairs and the like easier.


Swimming is one of the most popular sports among seniors. Exercising in the water is much easier for many people than exercising on land. In addition, swimming is excellent training for the entire body and all muscles. And thanks to numerous fitness courses in the water, e.g.


Gymnastics or certain aerobics courses for older people are not only recommended from a health point of view, but the fun factor is also very high. Various exercises and choreographies are performed with music. This is how you stay fit and flexible even in old age.


Dancing is also a popular and recommended sport for seniors. In addition to endurance, coordination is also trained. And thanks to a wide range of different dance styles, every retiree will quickly find the right dance. Slower or Viennese waltzes, tango, slowfox, foxtrot, samba or cha-cha-cha are particularly popular with older people. Dancing is also fun and promotes social contact with each other.

Martial art Tai Chi

Tai Chi, short for Taijiquan, is an Asian martial art best described as shadow boxing. This sport promotes health and relaxation and is characterized by controlled, slow movements. In Asia, Tai Chi is firmly anchored in everyday life for many older people and is practiced in groups in parks in the early morning hours. So why not try it in this country?