The Best Places To Visit On A Budget

Published on 09/09/2021

With travel slowly becoming normalized, and the worst days of the pandemic surely behind us; we can finally start thinking about travelling again. For some, they may not have even travelled since 2019, or earlier. Fortunately, we can now start to get excited about prospective future travelling. The only downside however, is the financial aspect. With job changes, long times of not working; many people have taken a financial hit this year. With this being said, those extravagant trips to Japan, Australia may have to be on hold. Continue through this article to see which places you can visit, without losing an arm and a leg paying for it!

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The Best Places To Visit On A Budget

Prague, Czech Republic

Located in Central Europe, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and is an amazing, beautiful city. Depending on your location, you may be thinking, Europe? Impossible. The flights will bankrupt me. What you haven’t considered is that you may be spending slightly more on getting there, the money you save while there will surely make up for it. Prague is a super cheap city to explore. The average price of a beer in a pub will set you back 35 Czech Crowns. This equates to approximately $1.5. Prague has many free activities to attend; such as free walking tours beginning from the city’s historic old square. If you’re quite savvy with finding accommodation, you can very much find a nice hotel for a cheap price. The place really depends on your expectations, you can spend between $35-50 a day here depending on your choice of activity. A must-visit for the budget traveler.

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana? A city or did someone slam their fist down on the keyboard. Lo and behold, Ljubljana is actually the stunning capital city of Slovenia in central Europe. Having attractions such as the mesmerizing Lake Bled, various water-parks and an old town center full of historic buildings, and a great history. Slovenia is also, a very cheap place to visit. Live the life as you stay in top hotels and eat like a king for a nominal fee. Take a trip to the infamous castle hill, Tivoli Park among many interesting museums that will surely enlighten your knowledge of this quiet delight. Situated next to countries such as Italy, Croatia and Austria; Slovenia is surely a great stopover visit, for a budget multi-country trip.

San José, Costa Rica

Situated close to the US, flights are considerably cheap to get here. The home of numerous jungles and rainforests; Costa Rica is something like no other. A rugged country full of character, interesting culture and great food; it is also super cheap to visit and explore on the American dollar. Costa Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. Up to a quarter of its land mass is made up of protected jungle. These areas flow with wildlife. There are also insane ziplines, such as the Monteverde Zip Line, featuring a zipline of over 5220 feet in length! As well as interesting museums, and many cities outside of San José that are interesting, consider Costa Rica in your budget travel choices.

Athens, Greece

Though not directly exclusive to Athens, as we must consider the Greek islands also, Greece is a great option to consider. A super cheap country, with beautiful sights and activities, Greece has a culture of it’s own. The people are bubbly and full of character; the food is fantastic and travelling around and doing things won’t actually set you back so badly. Enrich yourself in the history of the ancient Greeks, party on a budget in the many cheap and fun bars. Full of ancient treasures and modern delights, Athens is definitely worth a visit.


The USA? Though not exactly extravagant or exotic, perhaps a staycation is actually the best budget option. Flights within the US are quite cheap, and with the amount of states that the US has, you can never really run out of options when trying to visit new ones. If you’re a New Yorker, try New Orleans. If you’re a west coaster, give Santa Barbara a try, it is stunning and perfect for a mini-break. Though the prices while in the US might be consistent with what you are already aware of, you will save money on flights. Especially if you choose to drive. Road tripping is the new flying! See the sights as you travel from A to B. Save that Paris trip for the year you are more financially stable; there is no rush, it isn’t going anywhere. The US is enormous, and full of culture in every single state. Give a staycation a thought.

Whether you decide on a cheap European adventure, a nearby flight or a staycation; you can now finally get your thinking caps on, and begin planning a budget-trip to a great place that won’t bankrupt you. The only way is up from here.