5 Tips For Student Budgeting

Published on 02/02/2020

Finding yourself broke monthly? Student life is definitely an adjustment for many.  Budgeting is difficult even for adults nevermind students, as much as college is a time for experiences and adventure, it is important t learn the value of money too. Balancing your fun and spending activities is a must and easily-learned skill. These 5 tips will surely make it much easier to monitor your money.

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5 Tips For Student Budgeting

Bring The App Back

This is a good tool to keep track of everything when life gets a bit too hectic. Whether you’re extremely organized or not at all this is a tool to manage money for you. There are a bunch of free apps and it will really increase your savings. This tip will give you tons of structure and make saving much easier.

A Coupon A Day Is A Good Way

It may sound extremely lame or even cheap to some but using coupons is a brilliant idea. This money-saving tip can truly make a difference to your budget and can help you save up to 20% in some cases. There are coupons for almost anything and everything. Get involved in the coupon game, and get your friends in their too.

Cash-Back Credit Cards

Now, this does not mean you should go on a swiping frenzy and run yourself right into debt. However, this method allows you to earn back money on everyday purchases. Some colleges even have offers with banks in order for you to receive these. This is a great spending incentive but being careful is a must.

Grab Those Good Grades

We know you’ve heard it before and that the pressure is definitely n. But, getting those good grades does not only necessarily help with your future, but it can also be a huge money saver too. Besides the bigger opportunities, good grades can lead to merit-based scholarships, better auto insurance and much more.

Get Cooking Good Looking

Cooking is not as big of a challenge as you think. With many tutorials, easy recipes and millions of methods on the web and social media, this is a skill anyone can master. Cooking means you will save a ton on eating out. Grocery stores often have deals which helps save too. We also suggest sometimes cooking a lot at the beginning of the week- this will let you plan your meals ahead of time and can help if you’re trying to be on the healthy side.