The Benefits Of Doing Yoga

Published on 05/04/2021

Yoga is a sport that is not only good for your body, but as well for your mind and for your spirit. Yoga originally has its roots in India, but is now very famous all over the world. But why is yoga such a loved sport? What makes it so great?

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The Benefits Of Doing Yoga

Helps With Joint Pain

Yoga is a good sport for people with joint pains. There are many yoga poses such as the Bridge Pose, the Mountain Pose, the Supported Warrior Pose or the Sun Salutations. Yoga is also an excellent exercise against muscle diseases such as Arthritis and co. The movements are very gentle and can help to reduce tension in the muscle area, stretch the muscles and increase joint flexibility. Yoga is also the perfect sport for people with knee or joint problems. Most of the yoga poses also increases the blood flow and the oxygen flow, hence your muscles are also less likely to cramp.

Good For A Healthy Heart

Practicing Yoga on a daily basis, is also connected to a healthy and strong heart. Research shows, that yoga helps to reduce stress, anxiety and fears. Especially stress has a big influence on our health and can lead to high blood pressure, inflammations and many other diseases. Therefore, practicing yoga and doing poses such as the downward dog pose, may help you to strengthen your heart and with that your overall health.

Relaxes, Releases Stress and Helps You Sleep Better

Yoga is not only good for your body, but also for your mind. Yoga is not only a great way to release stress and relax, it also is a great way to deal with sleeping problems. There is even a special yoga called “Ying Yoga” who really can help you with your sleeping problems. Due to research 55% of people who are doing yoga on a regular basis, reported that it helped them sleep better. Besides the concentration on the movements itself, yoga also focuses strongly on breathing and works with different breathing techniques. With help of these breathing techniques, your stress level can be lowered and you are ready for a good night sleep. If you suffer from sleeping problems, you should try yoga poses such as “The Standing Forward Bend”, “Recycling Bound Angle” or the “Corpse Pose”. If you need some inspiration or are searching for a great yoga workout before you go to sleep, you should definitely check out yoga YouTube channels.

Yoga For More Energy

Yoga is also a great way to pump up your energy and get motivated. Yoga helps to increase the oxygen levels in your blood and this leads to more power and energy. A great yoga type to increase one’s energy levels is Kundalini yoga. This form of yoga involves breathing exercises, singing and of course many energizing yoga poses. Kundalini is a specific spiritual energy, that is located at the spine. Through the specific exercises the Kundalini energy gets activated.

The Best YouTube Yoga Channels

If you are interested in Yoga and are searching for great workouts, you should definitely check out YouTube channels like “Yoga With Adriane”, “Yoga With Kassandra”, “Fightmaster Yoga” or “Sara Beth Yoga”.