These Sports Teams Are Worth A Fortune

Published on 02/16/2020
These Sports Teams Are Worth A Fortune

These Sports Teams Are Worth A Fortune

Based on Forbes’s annual ranking of the National Football League, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, Formula 1, soccer, and Nascar teams, we have compiled a list of the teams that are the most valuable. With so many incredible leagues and teams, we can see that football and basketball have dominated the list!

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have a market value of $5 billion, making them one of the most valuable teams. Their lack of NFL championship wins does not put them behind, especially because they have a stadium worth $1.2 billion. They sold the stadium in 2013 to AT& T for nearly $400 to $600 million, and their general manager is now worth $150 million.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have been in the only Major League Baseball team that has been featured in the top 10 most valuable sports teams. They are worth nearly $4.6 billion and recently moved from being Number 5 on the list to Number 2. While their last championship win occured in 2009, they still have 27 World Series Titles, which is more than any other MLB team, and their value has increased by 15% since 2018.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid is the second most valuable soccer team in the world with a market value of $4.02 billion. The team features star player, Lionel Messi who is the second-highest-paid soccer player. The team signed a deal with Nike, which is worth nearly $175 million each year and is undergoing a stadium renovation costing $650 million.

New York Knicks

For two years running, The New York Knicks are the National Basketball Association’s most valuable team. They have a value reaching $4 billion, which has increased by 11% since 2018. They stole this title from the LA Lakers in 2016, after receiving a 20-year media rights deal worth $100 million.

Manchester United

In 2011 and 2012, Manchester United was named the most valuable sports team and the only publicly traded sports team. Today they are in 3rd place with a value of $3.81 billion.