The Best Careers In Sports For Non-Athletes

Published on 07/15/2020

Looking to start your career within the world of sports, but concerned you may not have the skills of a professional athlete? Well, good news…there are so many sports careers for non-athletes that you can pursue. A great variety of jobs are available behind the scenes and don’t require any sporting background what so ever. If you’re searching for a new profession, take a look at some of these awesome careers for non-sporting individuals.

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The Best Careers In Sports For Non-Athletes

Sports Journalist

One of the only things that sports fans enjoy more than a good game of sport is talking about it. Meaning that there is a great market for journalists, bloggers, broadcasters, and even a radio announcer. This job allows you to offer your predictions, thoughts, and observations in the world of sport. With this career choice, the options are endless! The best is to first gain experience through an internship at a media company or an advertising agency that deals with sports. Now you see why this profession is at the top of our list.


Most of the time, although its recommended, sports coaches don’t necessarily need an intense professional playing background. It’s dually best to gain experience with youth groups and then working your way up into more of a professional path. Many highly successful coaches in many different sports are excellent in what they do despite having ever played on a professional level.

Sports Psychologist

For those who have a background in clinical psychology, this may be the career for you! If working with professional athletes is something that you’re really interested in then potentially this is what you could ultimately specialize in. In more recent years, more and more sporting professionals have revealed their “mental health issues” and how they have been seeking help through mental health services. As the sports environments are becoming increasingly demanded and stressful, this is for sure a career that will be needed for quite some time going into the future.

Sports Photographer

A career in sports photography is one of the top careers for non-athletes that still love a good game of sport. A photojournalist is someone that takes pictures of athletic events, people, and places for media purposes. One of the main responsibilities includes documenting sporting events, any sports game, and action shots that can be used in articles or magazines. This career consists of many irregular hours as you need to be at many events and games which don’t always have consistent times. Regardless its a fun career to get into!

Sporting Event Planner

The purpose of an events planned within the sporting world is to organize and plan all things that are connected to hosting and promoting sports events. Most of the time you will need to arrange everything from transportation for the athletes to accommodation and planning out their schedules. Usually, in order to get into this career, you’ll need some form of experience but there’s no doubt this profession is super fun!