How To Decorate Your Dorm Like A Pro While On A Budget

Published on 07/02/2019
How To Decorate Your Dorm Like A Pro While On A Budget

How To Decorate Your Dorm Like A Pro While On A Budget

It’s so exciting to start college. Meeting so many new people, becoming independent, getting the opportunity to learn, and so much more. One fun part of beginning college is deciding how you want your dorm to look like. It can make such a difference when your space looks the way you want it to. Living in a space you love can make you feel at home. The only issue is the expenses involved. Decorating any sort of space can get pricey, so we’ve found a few ways to design your room without breaking the bank!

Color Coordinate

First thing’s first. You need to decide on what colors you want to incorporate into your design. The best thing is to choose three colors, and don’t be afraid to play with different shades of the same color too! Just make sure everything you buy matches. This will create a more put-together look in the room.


Think of your bed as the focal point of the room. It’s by far the biggest piece of furniture you’ll have in your dorm, so make it the center of attention. You can buy a few cute pillows in the color scheme you choose, a throw blanket, and even a set of sheets. We know that dorm beds can be seriously tough, so for that, you can buy a mattress topper that doesn’t cost much at all!


Since you can’t paint the walls of your dorm, you can decorate them in a different way – posters! They’re cheap and have an incredible variety. Instead of randomly hanging them up throughout the room, choose one wall or even a corner and create a make-shift gallery wall, just with your favorite posters. If you aren’t into posters, you can opt for art pieces instead. Get some cool prints, draw something, or even paint your own canvas! Honestly, the possibilities are endless.


Another way to add some color to the room is with some greenery. You can go for real plants from a local store. Or, if you don’t want to maintain them, head to a dollar store and buy some fake ones! They’ll have the same effect.


One way to make a room look more welcoming is by making it brighter. To do that, all you need to do is get some string lights or an LED strip to hang up on the wall. Plus, twinkling fairy lights will make the room much cozier.

(Faux) Fur

If you want to make your room feel a tad more luxurious or glam, go for faux fur. You can use it in many ways, from a rug to a throw on your bed and it’ll add that extra touch of style to your dorm!