How To Celebrate Halloween On A Budget

Published on 10/06/2020

Halloween is here! Trick or treating, dressing up, decorating your or piling pumpkin onto the front porch…Halloween is definitely the best holiday that everyone looks forward to celebrating. But with all the fun and festivities comes a lot of expenses. However, don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these amazing money-saving tips to help you celebrate Halloween while on a budget!

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How To Celebrate Halloween On A Budget

Set A Budget

This is without a doubt the most important step before anything else, and this can start being done months before Halloween. Once you have decided on a number and the budget you can afford – stick to it. Then, allocate how much you plan on spending on each part of Halloween, take into account, decorations, foods, parties, costume, candy, and anything else you may need. The last thing you want is to be in debt once the festivities are over. Keep in mind that with careful planning, you can easily save money

DIY Your Decorations

One of the best things that everyone loves to do for Halloween is decorating, its tons of funs, and the options are absolutely endless. Everyone wants their decoration to be spookier and better than the next person, which is why people tend to go overboard and spend 1000s of dollars. However, there is no need to spend a fortune of money just for that, why not create your own? Friends and family members can get involved too, which definitely adds to the spirit. If you don’t feel you’re so creative, check online at all the amazing and free tutorials that are on offer.

Buy Pumpkins At The Grocery Store

The annual pumpkin picking is generally a huge deal for many people and their families. The pumpkins look terrific and there is always a  great display of big, round pumpkins which often tempts people to go wild. But believe it or not, those same big, round,  marvelous pumpkins are being sold for half the price at your local grocery store or even Walmart. So, if you’re looking to save money, this is where you need to buy your pumpkins.

Opt For Reusable Decor

This is another great tip that not many people think about. Make sure to buy/ make decorations that can be easily reused every year. Not everything may be reused but most things can. Another great option is to buy quality decorations but does so once Halloween is over and the specialty stores have good sales. There’s nothing worse than having to spend money every year on new decorations that simply get tossed out at the end of the holiday.

DIY Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is a great opportunity for everyone to get creative, especially with your costume. A great money-saving tip is to create as much of your costume as you can. Whether it’s pulling out the sewing machine or simply taking clothes from your sister’s cupboard and thewing something awesome together. Another option is to plan a group outfit with you and your friends. Firstly is can reduce the stress of trying to find a good costume and secondly you can all have fun creating it together. Some of the best group costumes are Smurfs, The Minions, or The Flintstones.