Top Tips For Visiting Disney World On A Budget

Published on 11/29/2020

Planning a trip to Disney World on a college student budget? No matter how old we are, we all know there is nothing more magical than a trip to ” The Vacation Kingdom of The World”. However, with each year that passes, prices rise quite drastically which makes a small vacation to Disney costly. We at Xfreehub are here to show you exactly how to minimize your costs, but still have the best vacation while on a budget. Keep reading for the top tips when looking for the biggest bargain while visiting Disney World.

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Top Tips For Visiting Disney World On A Budget

Visit During Off-Peak Seasons

To be honest, there’s nothing quite like visiting a Disney park during the holidays and festivals, especially as this is the time that college students get a break. However, this is a time when crowds are bigger and rates may be higher as well. So, the best time to head off to Disney is actually during the spring or winter. Not only will you be able to save money on things like food and accommodation but with fewer people roaming around, it’s more likely that you will enjoy the experience a lot more.

Take Advantage Of Free Activities

Disney World is a place that has so much to offer with far more to be discovered than just the parks themselves. Before you get to Disney, make sure to do loads of research on all the amazing free things you can take advantage of. Some of the awesome activities can be enjoyed at all the different parks but we’re going to name just a few.

  • Free Concerts At Epcot
  • Free Desserts – This only applies if you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary in the park.
  • Boat Rides
  • BoardWalk (you’ll catch some beautiful views)
  • Butterfly Gardens

Plan Every Day Of Your Trip

This may not seem so obvious to everyone, but planning every part of your trip to Disney is so important. Disney World can be extremely overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time, between the meals, characters, shops, shoes, and rides. While it may seem time-consuming to plan out everything in advance, trust us, you’ll be doing yourselves the biggest favor. For example, make a list of all the rides you want to try, downloads the Disney app to track waiting times for rides, manage your FastPass+ reservations, as well as a map of every park available at just a touch of a button so you can plan the best walking route. We also suggest that you choose where to have lunch and dinner beforehand so you can secure those reservations at the most popular restaurants.

Shop For Disney Accessories Ahead of Time

Although you really may want to buy all the best souvenirs and accessories that come directly from a Disney park, believe it or not, but it’s actually to buy everything beforehand online. You can find some really cute items online which can really help you save a lot of money.